6 říjen 2013

PR Trends at WCFPrgaue: Less-is-More, Glocalization, Empathy and Agility!

Only a week ago, in Prague, top rank communications professionals from 15 countries across Europe and senior Russian experts gathered together at the First European Session of the annual Davos World Communication Forum.
PR Trends at WCFPrgaue: Less-is-More, Glocalization, Empathy and Agility!
On the evening before, during the Welcome, a Board meeting of the WCFDavos Committee was held to outline the future development of the regional sessions and the main Davos summit and to consider suggestions for its 5th annual edition on 11-12 March, next year!

The Prague session started with a keynote by Paul Holmes, the PR community guru worldwide, who marked several main trends of the industry: Courage, Savvy approach to data and Empathy as key features of the future Communicator 3.0, Social media and CSR for audience engagement, Brands being more dependent on employees, and the inevitable Evolvement of marketing into a form of PR.

Paul’s talk raised incredible interest and his interaction with the audience naturally glided into the next highlight discussion focused on the Future Communicator 3.0. It was lead by Andre Manning, co-Chair of the WCFDavos Committee and Global VP Corporate Communications at Philips. First speaker in the panel was Nick Andrews, Senior VP and Partner at Fleishman-Hillard, who kicked off with a stunning slide of the "Communicator 1.0" (a robot!), passing on to the "amazing wonder of tomorrow" (UFY), and flying back in time with Catherine The Great and her epistolary relationship with an equally great philosopher - Denis Diderot! Next, Ladislav Cervenka, Corporate Comms team member and Senior Consultant for Central & Eastern Europe at Unilever Europe, faced the audience with the question: “Globalization or Glocalization?”, marking two main features of the Communicator 3.0: local relevance and global presence. Then the floor was given to the outstanding Senior strategist at Wolff Olins Richard Chinn, who pinned the core of the talk: creativity is a must, viewed not as an individual’s capacity, but as a team platform, where ideas spark up and conversations are provoked!

Another highlight followed - Dr. Leandro Herrero’s “Re-Mark-Able” keynote on the Reinvention of the CCO’s role and Company Changes in terms of Behaviour analyses! Author of the two bestsellers “Viral Change” and “Homo Imitans”, Dr. Herrero accentuated on some very interesting trends in communications from behavioral viewpoint: brand seen as a behavioural DNA pull, communications viewed from "outside the tribe", observation of the new urban social anthropology, focus on social movements for better understanding on how to motivate people, communications encouraging change, as the latter is driven by behaviour management and good examples, "Less is More" approach: simple messages that push actual behavioural changes.

The top level content continued with every next agenda slot and is well reflected in the presentations’ summary shared on the WCFDavos website: http://www.forumdavos.com/regional_presentations/2.
Recognized public speakers who took active part in the meeting with keynotes, talks, comments and, of course - invaluable insight, are James Gillies, Head of Communications at CERN, Senta Čermaková, Worldwide Customer Service Program Director at Hewlett-Packard, Istvan Kutas, Corporate Communications Director at Telenor Hungary, Dr. Gabor Hegyi, Managing Director of Capital Communications in Hungary, Terry O'Conner, Head of Communications at Science and Technology Facilities Council, Valery Levchenko, Deputy Editor in Chief RIA Novosti, Elvana Thaçi, Officer at the Rule of Law, the Internet Governance, and the Human Rights Directorate at the Council of Europe, Arturas Jonkus, Senior Strategy Consultant at Publicum, Stuart Bruce, Digital Corporate Communications and Online PR Consultant from UK, Maxim Behar, Co-Chairman of the Committee of WCFDavos, Chairman of Hill+Knowlton Strategies Czech Republic, CEO and Board Chairman of M3 Communications Group in Bulgaria, and Yanina Dubeykovskaya, co-Chair of the WCFDavos Committee and Content Director of the forum.

Visit www.forumdavos.com or check the hashtag #WCFPrague in order to get the full picture!
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