11 březen 2013

Parfums.cz sees stellar year-on-year growth – AGAIN

Over 1.5 billion CZK (59 million EUR) turnover in 2012

A year of stellar growth, as in years preceding, is the only way that Parfums.cz’s 1.5 billion+ CZK turnover performance can be described in 2012, with across-the-board increases of close to 70% or more for 3 key indicators: turnover, packages (orders) shipped and no. of pieces expedited. Parfums.cz’s results were announced today by its operator – Brno-based Internet Shop, s.r.o.
Parfums.cz sees stellar year-on-year growth – AGAIN
Parfums.cz is definitely on a winning business model, having seen exponential growth since its start in 2006. From an initial turnover of 20.5 million CZK and 15 000 expedited packages it has grown into a multi-billion CZK operation with close to 1.5 million packages expedited across 7 markets. The Parfums.cz turnover forecast for 2013 is 2.2 billion CZK, continuing in the growth trend.
“From humble beginnings we have managed to grow into a multibillion CZK operation across 7 markets, attain No.1 or Top 3 positions in those markets and most importantly, satisfy millions of customers over the years, who have become repeat customers” explained Radek Ondrašík, Marketing Director at Parfums.cz
According to Lukáš Herout, e-biz specialist and lecturer at The Banking Institute / College of Banking (BIVŠ), Parfums.cz’s results are not surprising. “E-shopping popularity is experiencing steep growth and the 3 main drivers are IT, consumer electronics and consumer cosmetics including hair and body care”, adding “consumers that know exactly what they want will give preference to buying over the internet, as they can purchase products at significantly cheaper prices than in ‘bricks & mortar stores’”. Herout concludes “this trend will continue, as currently only 5 to 6% of all goods are purchased online in the Czech Republic”.
“The market, analysts and our customers have responded positively to our customer first business approach, with customers consistently awarding us the online ‘Shoproku’ (Shop of the Year) award in both the Czech and Slovak markets 4 years running” stated Ondrašík, summarizing “it has been tough, but we have managed to self-finance our growth and rapid geographic expansion to-date”.
Parfums.cz will be continuing with its expansion opening new markets in Slovenia, Spain, Portugal and the Baltics.
About Parfums.cz
Parfums.cz, a member of Internet Shop s.r.o., is the region’s leading perfume and body-care e-shop and a top 4 Czech e-shop across all categories. It is active in 7 markets where it is either market leader (Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia) or in the Top 3 (Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine). In 2012 it had a turnover of over 1.5 billion CZK (59 million EUR) and expedited close to 1.5 million packages.
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